Om's writings

5mo ago


What does it take to get someone to see the world through your eyes?

6mo ago


A guru-disciple relationship probably represents the most sublime and unique bond in this world.

6mo ago

The Lioness’s Milk

A beautiful Jewish story that makes you think

7mo ago

A Fox’s Awakening

Plus, baby pillows and other pointless mentions.

8mo ago

Sri Suktam Sadhana

Everything you need to know about the super-powerful sadhana of opulence and prosperity

8mo ago

The Bee Struggle

What happens when you hit the glass ceiling?

8mo ago

Is It True?

Here's how to get over hurtful words. Plus, other announcements.

9mo ago

Care to Stop?

How well do you know your friends, coworkers, or simply those around you?

9mo ago

Your Health

Ever wonder what the most non-spiritual act one can do is?

10mo ago

The Art of Practice

Plus, an exciting announcement about Wildr.

11mo ago

Are You in Love?

Spirituality in its truest essence is nothing but universal love.

11mo ago

Step on the Gas

Three foundational principles of business success in the material world.

12mo ago

The Six Stages of Awakening

When the floodgates to the stream of consciousness open...

12mo ago

Four Traits of a Natural CEO

Plus, one-on-one life coaching announcement.

1 year ago


I have something to say. It's important. And it cannot wait...