When I sleep at night

I miss you

But before I kiss the morning sun

I see you

From my window

In your gentle shade

I smile

And then I smile

Once more

Loneliness is put to shame in your presence

I feel safe


When you watch at me

From the heavenly abode

I feel at peace

Just a mere glance of yours

Is so calming

Then what would it be like

To be in the presence of the one

Whose crown you adorn,

My eyes may not open up to that glory

My imagination cannot fathom such existence

There’s so much to Her

Yet, I am closed to all that She



To hold on to one desire

When there’s a whole bunch She can grant


This human race


We run like a mace,

After a block of cheese

When She has spread a whole feast

How we turn this beautiful life

Into futile attempts

Of grabbing and grasping

More and then some more

What we need is already there


And Without

O Divine Mother

Your child seeks You and only You

Your presence will make me shine

like the Full Moon

Image Credit: Unsplash

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