Make Hay While the Sun Shines

For the fire will rage one day...

The Vinegar Tasters

and the philosophy of life...

Mind, O Mind!

Where art thou? What art thou?

Expansion of Consciousness

The Vedic Way

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Keyur Seta
Keyur Seta

Keyur Seta is a senior film journalist working with He writes on spirituality on his blog 'Road...

Rashmi Sharma
Rashmi Sharma

Swami's scribe. I would like to imagine myself as a wordsmith tinkering in a workshop.

Biswa Nanda
Biswa Nanda

A Physics enthusiast, nature lover, photographer, a researcher, a seeker getting anchored by super strong & graceful Swamiji.... logo

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Why Punjab ?

And a mystery unsolved

In Conversation with …..

My time with the most ordinary, extraordinary people

A Heartfelt Thank You Note

My journey so far

Satsang Stories #Virtual Writing Satsang

My satsang stories and takeaways

Shifting Perspective

A little milestone on a spiritual timeline

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Medha Shri
Editor-in-Chief Digest: Celebrate

Victories and failures both matter Digest: Imagine!

Sometimes all you need is imagination to nourish your soul

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The Rainmaker

Healing is something which only Divine Mother does. Healing is something which only Mother Nature does. I am simply someone who is getting the opportunity to deliver some right messages. And that’s what it really is and that’s what I … Read more →

The Big Questions of Life

Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional. Loss is unavoidable; grief isn’t. Death is certain. And life? Well, life isn’t certain. Its uncertainty, unpredictability, even its irrationality, make it what it is. Often, we run blindly into fire, we step on … Read more →

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