Read posts on spiritual wisdom that would give insights into the big questions of life.  What is the boat that will help you cross over from turbulent emotions to an inner ocean of peace?  What’s the great spiritual quality one must possess? How do you accumulate spiritual wealth? It’s an incredible feeling when you can steer your life in the direction you deem fit. But, how to do it? Dwelve deeper through the stories and different perspectives to discover your truth.

When the Dog Barks

Here's a funny story with a beautiful message...

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The Art of Attention

Paying attention is not just about what you want to focus on but also...

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Side Effects of Meditation

Here are twelve unmistakable side effects of meditation.

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When You Feel in Control

It's an incredible feeling when you can steer your life in the direction you...

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Three Kinds of People

In continuation to my last post, I share with you [one of] the hardest...

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The Ultimate Wealth

Is material wealth an obstacle on the spiritual path? And what is the ultimate...

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What does it take to change yourself or the other person?

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Can justice and revenge ever be used in the same sentence?

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Just Right

It's a skill that can take a lifetime to master: to know when something...

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The Simple Truth

Like the rain settles dust particles, our awareness of the "self" reduces the expectations...

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The Gates of Shambhala

If you let this moment slip away, it's lost forever. "Now" never comes back.

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The Secret of Great Communication

Here are three magic words that can take your communication skills to an entirely...

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The Bondage of Beliefs

How a change in habits and perspective can completely set you free

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The Hammer and the Key

Here is how to tame the mind or to experience a flow of quietude...

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