In this particular meeting, I expressed my frustration with people’s inability to live life in their own lane. Yes, the sense of entitlement I lived life with had gotten hurt. My search for spiritual alignment had led me to him, but I had more mundane issues to discuss first. Finding my inner compass had to wait.

The world had disappointed me. My expectations had injured my pride. I told him there were times when I could no longer bear it. Despite his best efforts to persuade me to see reason and explain how nature maintains equilibrium, I had felt overpowered by dejection.

At last, he drew in a long breath and said, “Anytime you feel like no one understands you, that you need to share it with someone… Know that in some corner of the world, there lives Om Swami who cares for you, and he is listening to you.” That’s how spiritual leader Om Swami consoled me. His words comforted me. I knew he meant it because he only speaks the truth. 

Ever since that day, he became my haven. I often share my feelings, thoughts, ideas, gratitude, et cetera, with him. I mean, I talk to him in my head. Isn’t that what we all do?

And then, happened. Perhaps too many of us were talking to him that he felt compelled to create a safe space where we could be ourselves. Being on is like talking to him, talking to god — it’s honest.

All these blogs testify that we have created a no-judgement zone built on truth and kindness. Here, we freely reveal our vulnerabilities and bare our souls. We celebrate victories and failures. The spiritual seeker within and the inhabitant of the world in us both come here to slake our soul.

Os. Me digest: celebrate 1

I am proud of the community that truly celebrates life in all its vagaries together. This week, I bring personal stories that will move, motivate and inspire. Come, celebrate truth and human goodness.

Transformative Ideas

Emotional Bullying: The scars of emotional bullying can be lasting. Suman Verma writes about being at the receiving end of emotional bullying. Finally, she has learnt to deal with bullies. Refer to it, if you need help. Pour in suggestions, if you have any. Or simply share your experience.

Sumitra: They were standing on opposing sides of a busy street. When the three-year-old boy saw Sumitra, he rushed towards her in excitement. Sumitra shrieked and fainted! Siddhika Umesh remembers her loving domestic help. This heartfelt note is a tribute to the beautiful bond we share with those who make our lives easier.

Rescuer or the Rescued?Raghu Om Nagraj shares a few heart-warming stories from his professional life. A streak of spirituality flows through his observations. Instead of diluting it all in vain vanity, spirituality acknowledges yourself as a medium through which God operates. 

Inspiration Corner: A man gets caught in a deluge. He is confident God will come to rescue him. He does, however, die. He meets God, asks why, despite that man’s unwavering faith, He didn’t appear? The answer is relatable because we have all been in that situation. Divya Pai runs a daily inspiration corner on the website. Every day she shares a poem, thought, or story to inspire readers to live life bravely and mindfully. Go, check it out!

Birthday Celebration WhatsApp Style: On aunty’s birthday, Sundaram Venkatesh sends everyone a song. He comes back to and paints a vivid portrait of his family, which could well have been yours or mine. His writing is beautiful because it is a slice of everyone’s life, reminding us of our own. It has the fragrance of the good old Malgudi Days.  

Steamboat Stunner: John Clark’s mother taught him a valuable lesson in faith. She manifested smokestacks for her Avon bottle. This is a fascinating true story.

Negative Split: Achieving a negative split on a 10K run gets Hetal Sonpal thinking. If life were divided into pre-40 and post-40 years, achieving a negative split would result in exponential growth. Here’s how.

I Welcome you, Devi: A four-year-old boy is terrified of school because his classroom is in a dungeon-like basement. When he tries to skip school, his uncle drags him all the way to his class. Screaming and shoving, that uncle has left an indelible scar on the child, who develops a stutter. It has been a lonely journey for him. But he has found God. Atul Sohal shares his story.

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Wisdom from Swamiji

Why Do People Get Bored?: Ah! One of the recurring things we experience in life is boredom. Someone is bored with routines, someone else with their partner, and many with life in general. Spiritual leader Om Swami helps turn around boredom into peace.

Saying Yes to Life: The fear that resides inside us prevents us from experiencing life fully. It stops us from saying yes to the life of our dreams. Spiritual leader Om Swami writes: A life of peace and meaning is far more precious than an exquisite symbol of death. Now is the time to live.

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