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Avatar of sushree nitya om
Shyam Always Smiles

All in one, one in all

Part 1: When He Calls

Making it to the ashram against all odds

10 Minutes of Meditation, 7 Hours of Deep Sleep

My experiment with meditating before bed

From Meditation to Infinite Imagination

'I saw visuals that later became iconic scenes in the movie...'

Avatar of mahendra jakhar
Make the Most of It!

Some tips to make the most of

On Being a Senior Citizen

Trials and Tribulations

Stillness — A Space Between the Breath

An ode to the divine who moves the breath

Avatar of swati gunwant
All Things Being Equal

"He who was beating me is now giving me aid."

Kids Can Inspire Us Too

Inspiration can come from anybody

Avatar of swati gunwant
The Little Prince

The art of taming

Avatar of nandita basu
Being Productive Unproductively

Are you guilty of this too?

Avatar of samarth khanna
Love Yourself for who You Are

Recognise your inner beauty