Heavens cloud over us
Divinity that we bask in
As if they wish to share a piece of it
Such is the abode of Hari Narayana
Sri Maa summons
All prosperity and wealth
At the lotus feet of Her Lord

From dry twigs
And muddy turns
With Your sweet love
You’ve nurtured us 
This place

O what grace dearest Bhagwan 
Drips from your mystic form

slipping  silently
Into spaces
Beneath and within us
Healing the soul
and the soil

Take a dip
Bask in His Blissful Grace

Jai Sri Hari!!

On 7th May, Anand Om (SBA) shared this (feature) image with me. I was in the temple then and could not, but be grateful at how Sri Hariji had not just changed but infused divinity in the living and the non-living. He resides here in black stone in the Garbha Griha and walks graciously as my Divine Guru. 


I wrote the post but, didn’t feel like publishing it. Surely nature had more to share. 

A month or so later Raghu Swamiji shared an aerial view of the Ashram. Now, it felt complete. 

Here it is – Epicentre of Divinity!!

Epicentre of divinity 2


All glories to the Greatest Master, Dearest Swamiji !! 

P.S. It’s windy once again here. When I wrote the last one, it was similar, only I am awake now.  (Literally, not the enlightened awake :))!! Who could fathom the depth of these Divine Winds !

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