Trees sway and be merry
Rain drops gushing from above
To touch your feet O Lord
In Joy
They freeze as hail

Just like me
They know not what
And how to say
Grace it is for them
They travel from nothingness
And land all the way
At Your abode
Through the mountains
And valleys
Ahh what delight it is O Lord
You bring forth new surprises 
Nature does not belong to seasons here

It unfurls a new chapter
Anew each day
On somber days
When I hide behind closed doors
You find a way to bring me forth
In awe of Your glory
I forget who I am
Or what I was
Your playfulness
Makes my eyes twinkle
Love you are
In little creases you seep through
No room for sorrow
As I see You..

You are this wind 

and the trees

the rain drops 

and everything in between…. 

Gusty winds 2 Gusty winds 3

P.S. It’s still raining out here. Out of my nap,  i woke up to the shutter of the doors as the winds blew wild. With little courage, I mustered my hand through the door and  captured a few images(not so good) of how it is here at Lord’s Abode 

Jai Sri Hari!

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