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2014 at a Glance

All moments must pass, all seasons must go, giving way to the next. This is the truth of Time.

The Seed of Empathy

Be where they are to know why they are the way they are. Don't be emphatic where being empathic will do. Know the difference.

Betrayal of Trust

A true guru's presence is like the soft stream that gently sculpts the disciple, chiseling the rock of their hardened tendencies. Steadily.

The Wellness Sense

A practical guide to your physical and emotional health based on Ayurvedic and yogic wisdom.

Three Principles of Handling Criticism

The day you learn to handle criticism without getting angry, you will find yourself at the eternal shore of peace, reveling in bliss.

When will My Bad Time End?

"Why does this always happen to me?" This is the most common question people ask when time eclipses their life, when adversities gnaw at their happiness.

The Greatest Spiritual Quality

What is the seed of compassion? Here's my take on the most important virtue essential to feeling compassionate.

The Secret of Healthy Relationships

Loving and living are not synonyms. Loving may be an emotional matter but living together is mostly about practicality.

I am Lonely

Loneliness is a natural emotion, but there's a difference between feeling lonely and being afraid of loneliness.

Happiness is a Journey

Happiness is the path we walk. It's a matter of commitment, in fact, it's a choice and not always the outcome.

If Truth Be Told — A Monk’s Memoir

If Truth Be Told is my memoir slated to be released next month by Harper Collins India. This is my life's journey thus far.

The Eternal Truth

All living entities are constantly working towards the same truth. It's simple and penetrating. Here's my perspective.

The Source of Emotions

Emotions are the dewdrops that vanish at the dawn of mindfulness. Practice this simple meditation to go to the root.

Three Ways to Keep Your Calm

Here are three ways to steer your ship of life to a peaceful shore even when relationships are choppy.

Single Parents and Broken Marriages

Give yourself a chance to bloom and say no to an abusive marriage. Never allow anyone to crush your dignity.