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Wake up! Time is Running Out!

Here's something to think about...

The Purpose of Your Life

If there was only one post you needed to read on my blog, it would be this one.

Politeness Versus Humility

In the absence of humility any spiritual attainment vanishes like dew upon sunrise.

The ABC of Life

Is there no way out of the suffering sometimes this life seems to be?


Does enlightenment mean you will forever surf the waves of bliss?

Cottleston Pie

How do you know which path you should take to realize yourself? Is meditation the only way?

The Basis of Honor

The path that leads to divinity, beyond petty human emotions, is walked with a singular virtue. Read on.

The Butterfly Effect

Can the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Mumbai set off an avalanche in the Himalayas?

The Center of Your Life

Everything in nature was beautiful as before but Pingala could not see the beauty anymore...

A Spiritual Attitude

A beautiful story of Buddha and his disciple

Purpose of Life

Like a river infuses life while it meanders about and before it merges in the ocean, our life's purpose is the same — live fully and merge in our own greatness.


Nothing perceivable is permanent. The clouds, moon, stars, our planet, everything is constantly changing.

No Water No Moon

Here's a beautiful Zen anecdote to help you see beyond faith, conditioning and ego.

The Silent Witness

When you learn to observe yourself and your thoughts, you become like an incense. The more life burns you the more scent you emit.

Three Questions of Socrates

Ever questioned the source of your knowledge? Behind the door of conditioning a whole new world awaits you.